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  • Losi 3p – (Pictured above) Is a 4 season tenting weight in at only 5lbs out on the trail and it offers a lot more liveable space then other tents I have owned. There is also a door on both sides of the tent, making it easier to get in and out when you have other people with you. The dual doors also offer views from both sides! The unique roll up packing system is also desirable, with it’s organizing pockets. I like to use this tent more so when I am car camping because it is a little bit bulkier and heavier than the Kunai which I have listed below. If I am backpacking with a couple other people and sharing a tent we just split the weight of the Losi.



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  • Kunai 2p – (Pictured above) Is a 4 season tent, and ultimately the PERFECT backpacking tent, weighing in at just over 4lbs. I have used it in all 4 seasons and love it, as it packs up small making it easy to carry far distances and keeps me warm and comfy even in the really cold temperatures.