Why A Website?

Hey everyone! A personal website is something I have been talking about wanting to get up and running for a LONG time now. After I came back from Peru I wrote it down on my priority list of ‘MUST DO’S’ soooooo here it is!

I get numerous emails, Direct Messages, and comments from people who are either:

1) Intrigued or inspired by my lifestyle.
2) Wanting to know more about how I can afford to adventure/travel so much.
3) Wanting advice on travel and places I have been.
4) Visiting the Rocky Mountains (Canmore, Banff, Lake Louise, Nordegg, Jasper area) and want advice on hikes, accommodations, attractions and other things they shall do while in the area.
5) Wanting to know my educational background/what I went to school for.
6) Wanting advice on how they too can combine their love for adventure/travel with work.
7) Wanting to know how the heck I get my hair the way it is… and what products I use.
8) Wanting advice on how to grow their own social media following.
9) Wanting advice on what gear I would recommend for various activities and what I use on my own adventures/trips.
10) Wanting to know if I have a personal blog they can follow along with.

And more!

The above 10 points are a few of the reasons as to why I have chosen to create a website. It’s a place I can direct people who have these various questions! Though I will still do my best to answer emails/messages directly if the answers can’t be found on my own site.

As you can tell its set up pretty ‘basic’ and there is not a lot of information of it yet… though as the days go on you will find me updating it.

What I am most excited for is my personal blog you will now be able to follow along with. I am a big ‘journaler’, and love to write, and to be able to share my adventures with you on a deeper level is exciting!

In the menu tab you’ll find ‘Hiking Trails’. I plan on posting hikes that I have done in order for you to get out and enjoy them too! Including what to bring, directions to the trail head, route descriptions, and other relevant information, including photos of course 🙂 . Though until I get that going I have created a link to my friend Marie-Eve’s website ‘The Minumule’ which includes a number of hikes in and around the Canmore/Banff area! (Though some which I have not yet done). We hope you find it informative and easy to follow!

With that said… If any of you have any recommendations or suggestions as to what you would love to see on my site, or have me write about/want advice on, don’t be afraid to reach out or leave a comment and I will do my best to answer!

Thanks for following along!

Brooke xo